Paul and Sue Johnson (CRU)

Submitted by Paul Johnson

Sue and I just completed 10 1/2 years in Poland this fall and are relocating our Eastern European base to Albania in February.  Needless to say this has been a complicated transition in terms of closing up shop in Poland, packing our things so some can be shipped home to the U.S. and other things to Albania, saying goodbye to long-time friends, etc. 

What is really encouraging is that we are no longer needed in Poland because of the way the Lord has blessed the ministry with more Polish staff.  On the other side, Albania may be a small country but the opportunities among leaders is huge and the staff there have been trying to get us to join them for many months. It has been a dream for us to have the chance someday to reach out to top business and government leaders but we never could have guessed it would be in Albania! By the way, almost everyone speaks English well which will make direct ministry much easier and is quite a contrast to where we served in southern Poland.

Housing costs in Tirana, the capital of Albania, will be roughly double what we've been paying in Raciborz Poland so we need to raise an additional $5000 support to cover this. 

Our support has been running a little leaner than recent years, about 15% short of full support.  Last fall we used the frequent flyer miles we had earned by flying to Europe for ministry to "pay for" our flights which helped stretch our budget a little bit.

We are so grateful for the long fruitful partnership in ministry that we have enjoyed with Christ Presbyterian!

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