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Submitted by Bonnie Gatchell

It has been a very busy year for Route One. We continue to grow both in the number of women we serve and the depth in which we serve them. This past year we added the forth Springfield club onto our weekly route. (One of the other clubs has been shut down from trafficking charges but before that happen we were in all four.) We serve 46 women a week in the Springfield area alone, another 12 in the North Shore. Joy Winters-Snowden continues to work on staff as our Site Coordinator, with her at the helm the team has gain significant stability. The outreach team doubled in size, meeting on Tuesdays at The City Church. When they meet they spend time reflecting on the week before, time in prayer and hearing one another's hearts. The team splits into two teams; one lead by Joy and the other lead by Lori P. One team goes to the largest strip club in town and the other goes to two little ones. . . making sure to visit all open clubs each Tuesday. As I look back on what I wrote last year, I am feeling blessed by your support and prayer; "We would go into all 4 but we need more volunteers!! (hint-hint)"

In addition to your support helping us recruit and maintain more volunteers in the clubs we have also trained someone in the Springfield area to be our Volunteer Advocate speaker, Ms. Debi Cubi! Debi has also invited us to speak to 25 women arrested in prostitution, this was a wonderful moment. We shared with the 25 women that they are made in the image of God and that He sees them and loved them. We also shared the story of the woman at the well. It was clear that many of the women had never heard it before and from there we pointed out that the same Jesus saw the woman at the well had more talent than she thought, that He too sees the talent in the room. It was a blessed night.

Beyond our regular outreach we have our Christmas baskets. We thank Amber Haywood for helping to organize this effort and for making Christ Presbyterian a drop off center of Western Mass gifts, what a milestone for Route One. With your help we collected enough baskets to deliver 170 baskets across Mass and one drop to NJ. We went to 10 strip clubs and 4 private homes. Thank you!! It is with your partnership, prayer and added energy that we delivered 75 of the 170 bags to the Western Mass area. WOW!

We look forward to continuing to serve the Springfield area. We have women reaching out to us for help outside the club and are very grateful for support from Christ Presbyterian. We hope you know how special it is to have you with us, for us and behind us! Looking ahead to 2017 with fear and trembling (in a good way)!

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