Paul and Sue Johnson (CRU)

Submitted by Paul Johnson

In March of 2017, we relocated to Tirana, Albania to serve as consultants to help establish an effective ministry to reach top business leaders. We spent the spring familiarizing ourselves with the different culture and ministry context of Southeastern Europe. In answer to your prayers, each of us met and began friendships with several business leaders.  I started a pre-evangelistic book study of the business best sellerGood to Great. My two staff co-leaders and I supplemented the material with parallel principles from the Bible, an approach that the group readily accepted.  Sue participated in a group of Christian business women that had formed late the previous year. They began adding non-Christians in the spring.  

Egli, a young entrepreneur I met during a visit in October 2016 continued meeting with staff from the Young Professionals (YP) ministry and placed his faith in Christ in February. Upon my return, we reconnected and met informally until April when I began to mentor him and two other young men in the church we attend here.  A number of the YP women really look up to Sue and she regularly has appointments to encourage them.

In mid-August, we returned to Albania for a stay of ten months. In September, our team of five staff and one partner (volunteer) developed a strategic plan for this start-up ministry. An interesting side note: since all Albanian staff are first generation Christians, we are their most senior staff! Sue and I are investing in the development of two of them. The director of the YP ministry asked me to mentor him, and one the women on his staff team asked Sue to mentor her.

Late this fall Sue and I both began pre-evangelistic book studies, each co-led by an Albanian Christian businessperson. We are grateful to God that the participating business leaders are at the level where they have significant influence.  Our goal is that as their trust in us grows, and we meet them individually outside of the group setting, gospel conversations will take place, leading some to join future investigative Bible studies. Ultimately, we hope to equip them to reach out to their peers and the greater community to Christ through their getting involved in evangelism and discipleship through this ministry and local evangelical churches. 

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