Young Life Springfield

Submitted by Glenna Ryan

As Young Life Springfield continues to grow and be recognized as an organization that makes a difference in the lives of urban teens, God is building a foundation to support YL Springfield for the future.  The committee has grown from 3 to about 8 adults who meet monthly to plan, pray, recruit, fundraise and communicate.  The result has been a year of firsts for YL Springfield.

The first annual Golf Tournament was held in June at Cold Spring Country Club. 72 golfers came out and sufficient funds were raised to bring 70 students and 15 leaders to camp. Thank you to Tracy Johnson and all the other CPC golfers who supported the tournament and brought friends.

In September, Young Life Regional Director Rick Rogan, and another regional leader, Glenn Cook, met with our committee to assess the needs of this area.  Their conclusion was we needed an Area Director to recruit and train leaders, and supervise upcoming staff.

The first annual banquet was held at Chez Josef in November.  All together about 150 guests were present to hear about Young Life and the need for an Area Director. Thank you to Tanya and Sylvester Thomas and Deb Murray for leading that effort, and for Gary Bernice for serving as emcee for the night.

All these firsts happened to support the ongoing ministry summed up below:

  • About 300 Sci-Tech and Central High School students attended Young Life clubs.
  • Dozens of students also chose to participate in Campaigner Bible studies and mentoring relationships with our young adult volunteers.
  • Two buses brought 70 students and 15 leaders to Young Life’s Saranac Village for a week that changed lives. Not too long ago, all of Young Life Springfield fit into a minivan.
  • Thirty students, with 5 leaders, heard good news all Fall Weekend long at Young Life’s Lake Champion the weekend before Thanksgiving.
  • Glenna Ryan and Gary Bernice continue to lead the teams at Central and Sci-Tech High Schools on top of their demanding teaching jobs.
  • Princess Gomez, Shiloh Bradshaw and Jason Mascoe worked with us through camp, but moved on to other callings this fall.  Ricardo Vieux came to camp and joined the team at Central for 2017-2018.
  • A special thanks to Maryann Gubala for her publicity skills in keeping YL Springfield Facebook page updated.
  • Another special thanks to Linda Lagares for her meal preparation and love for kids.
  • Special thanks to the Murrays for gathering around and mentoring the young leaders at Sci-Tech.
  • Thank you to teachers Patrice Gresham for driving and volunteering and Michael Bagge for transporting students to FBC.
  • Thank you to First Baptist Church in East Longmeadow for opening their gym, kitchen and teen room for us free of charge for three years running!
  • Thank you for all the adult leaders who are building relationships with kids, Veronica Cirrinccione, Billy and Mabel Santiago, and Inabel and Miguel LaCosta.

We are grateful for the prayer and financial support of the members and regular attenders of Christ Presbyterian Church.  Without your fellowship, generosity and love we could not go on.

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