EPC World Outreach (Rob & Iris)

Submitted by Rob Antonucci


2018 was a good year for translation for Iris and recruiting/training for Rob. The “Puk” (central Asian language) New Testament team Iris is a part of and manages, has finished 1/3rd of the New Testament now and plans for 2019 getting the print edition of Luke and Acts published. There is an online book of Luke in “Puk” up already for a year! Iris is the New Testament Greek exegetical checker, using biblical koine Greek to check the accuracy and meaning of the “Puk” Scriptures as the drafts are done by the local translators. This is an exhaustive process requiring many back and forth revisions and discussions with her translators.

Rob works doing recruiting and training new missionaries. I do this through speaking, teaching classes at seminary and in Perspectives on the World Christian Movement around New England. At Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary I oversee the promotion of mission events, prayer and opportunities to serve overseas during the summer as part of a class. Within EPC, I keep churches updated on progress towards our Presbytery of the East Engage 2025 work in the North Caucasus region of Southern Russia where we have a partnership with local ministry there doing outreach. I am the administrator, bookkeeper and report writer for the “Puk” Bible Translation project. Together Iris and I oversee a team in Central Asia with Frontiers, advising and guiding the team in key areas towards Church-planting there.

Thanks for your support in 2018! Additional reports are located on the bulletin board.