Reformation Conference

Pioneer Valley Reformation Conference 2018


Dr. Rob Norris was the Senior Pastor of Fourth Presbyterian Church from 1984 until 2015 at which time he transitioned to the role of Teaching Pastor.

Born in South Wales, Rob surrendered himself to God on a Saturday evening at that age of fourteen. Then, at the encouragement of his pastor, he began to preach in small churches in Wales. He studied the Bible, and received a thirst from God for Scripture.

Rob holds a BA degree from Kings College, London; and dual doctorates in history and dogmatics from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Prior to pastoring at Fourth, he was Executive Pastor of Program at First Presbyterian Church in Hollywood, CA. Other past positions are Assistant Minister at The City Temple, London; Chaplain to the City of London University; and Chaplain to St. Bartholomew's Hospital. He has taught at Washington DC's Reformed Theological Seminary, and in seminaries in Ukraine, Malta, Japan, and Sudan.

Schedule & Topics:

Saturday Morning (9am to 12pm)

  • Session 1: "The Church Reformed and Reforming"

  • Session 2: "We Believe in One Holy and Catholic Church--The Practical Outworking of Reformed Ecumenicity"

Sunday Night Worship (5pm to 7pm)

  • Mark 2:1-12, "Jesus Surprises"

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