Softball & Basketball
Coach: Brian Tongue

This year’s softball season was an amazing time. We won the championship! We had a lot of players return from last year but had some brand-new faces as well. The camaraderie we share as a group is wonderful. The Lord is ever present and even when games can get intense the fact that all the guys can keep it loose and everyone picks each other up when they are unhappy makes it so easy to manage the team. There were some trials through the year, but as a group we were able to work through and find the Lord in those moments.

I would like to thank everyone on the team for making my job very easy, and a special thank you to Lisa and Nikali Benkert for doing the book, which is a major help, and for keeping me focused on the real reason for playing. Softball plays on Tuesday nights and runs from April and continues into August.

The primary focus of these sporting events is to bring people together to fellowship in Christ and develop relationships with new people through Christ. I think it is awesome that so many different denominations can get together with sports and show non-believers a different side to faith that they otherwise would not have seen and do it in the name of the Lord. If anyone is interested in joining in on the fun, please contact Brian Tongue at (413)627-5504.

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