A Diverse Community United in Jesus!

Christ Presbyterian Church is a diverse community that is biblical, reformed and evangelical. Our diversity celebrates our unity. We are a diverse community: politically, ethnically, social-economically, and generationally; but we are a community that is united in who Jesus is, what He had done for us and the authority of His Word.

At CPC we expect you to come as you are. Our goal is to provide a crystal clear proclamation of the gospel and an atmosphere and experience of love that is like no other. 

We would love to get to know you. Please fill out our WELCOME CARD so we can get to know you and properly greet you.

Check out our Sunday Mornings and Online Worship & Studies. These are the hubs of our ministry as we empower people to be the missionaries in the places where they work, live and have they being.

Christ Presbyterian is a place where we...

Proclaim, Worship, Study, Serve, and Send--Together