Route One Ministry

Submitted by Bonnie Gatchell

Route One continues to grow. Joy Winters-Snowden continues lead the Springfield site as the site coordinator, this is a paid 10 hrs a week position. Her team has gone through some big up and downs this past year but they have pulled through even stronger. As you may know, Joy lost her daughter in March 2017. The team really grieved over this as a whole. They are very much unified in their love for one another as well as their love for women exploited. This team has HUGE open doors in Springfield but needs MORE volunteers. 

As Route One Ministry continues to grow I continue to need support (more heads are better than one) and with this in mind Route One launched a leadership, advisory board. We meet every quarter. The leadership board includes staff; Joy, Cara, Monica (all site coordinators) and Bonnie. It also includes prominent leaders from the outreach teams and community. One male sets on the team from the community. Iris, a volunteer and survivor of the sex industry, has really stepped up into leadership on the Springfield team and is an essential part of the leadership team. 

We also launched a third site this past November in Worcester. At this time we have 8 people; 6 women and 2 men, who join weekly to pray over the strip clubs in Worcester. This past Christmas we brought 35 Christmas baskets to two clubs in Worcester. One club for the fourth year and one for the first time. Both delivers went well. two volunteer leaders trained three new women on the ins and outs of the strip club ministry. We will do more training as we get ready to step into the clubs March or April (as the spirit leads and the church presents itself). Monica Slayton has stepped up as the local voice in this community and we will begin to train her as site coordinator for Worcester. 

One story from Christmas, we brought baskets to a strip club in Peabody. The volunteers stepped up to the door and asked to bring in the baskets. The manager came over and looked at  them and said, "no". The volunteers made their way back to the car with all the gifts and started to pray. Just as they started to pray there was a tap at the window. It was the strip club manager! He said he made a mistake and ask if they still would be willing to come into the club with gifts. Of course, the volunteers said 'yes' to him and "amen' to Jesus. 

People are leaving the strip clubs. Women are hearing that God loves them. Christian women who never shared their story of abuse are now sharing their story and stepping into freed. This could NOT happen without your support!!!!

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