Hope for Kids

Submitted by Matt Currier


This year was definitely a turning point for Hope for Kids.  We are positioned now for huge growth as our name and organization have been around for now, the start of our 5th year!  In addition to our 3 key staff members who are raising support much like a missionary does before leaving for the field, God has added a variety of gifted men and woman to our team who are serving in key areas of oversight within our organization, and we also have a dedicated Administrative Assistant who has been a God-send.  Our collaborations within the community we serve are increasing and deepening.  We are well-received and continue to reach new children, teens and their adult parents.  

Our Club Hope / Mentor Hope program provided us the opportunity to build relationships with many children in need within Springfield. Between we hit close to 100 children now each month as they spent time with our volunteers, enjoyed a delicious lunch, studied God's word, worshiped through praise music, and most importantly, learned about the Savior who loves them. Several of them were given the opportunity to give back through Our Impact Hope program which equipped thirteen teens to share God’s love through week-long clubs in Springfield neighborhoods this summer.  HFK wrote it's own curriculum and put to story, print and teaching, the lives of the "Crockett family" who are true real-life missionaries in the jungles of Indonesia with New Tribes (Ethnos 360 now called).  Our theme we came up with was FEARLESS - "shifting from fear to faith!"  This gave us a fresh pool of 200 new kids to follow up with and keep connected to our agency throughout the school year. We once again partnered with Toys for Tots, the Springfield Rescue Mission and The Evangelical Free Church of Westfield MA at Christmas time.  We collected some 1,000 presents and made deliveries and home visits.  HFK officially branded their name, logo, tagline through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  This took 2 years but is now done.  

As we look forward to 2018, we are excited about two things really:  One, to go deeper, fine-tune and maintain our current core programs - Club Hope, Mentor Hope and Impact Hope.  We have selected as our 2018 summer ministry Impact Hope theme - ALIVE, and we will perform a 5 day curriculum model about the life of JOSEPH.  This is the year that HFK separates itself from what we have borrowed and built upon over past years and from other collaborative ministries and goes out on our own!  We have a new idea on how to effectively and relevantly share our message to the inner city kids we serve.  Stay tuned for that.  Second, I am super excited to report that 7 weeks ago, HFK planted a church in the North End of Springfield, Hope for Kids Family Church, 'doing life together!' This church is unique in that it only has families of the children we serve through Hope for Kids, as it's members.  My family and I slowly are adding others to our church team to assist us.  We have service for the entire family, which we integrate and separate, each Sunday from 1-3 pm.  This has been a highlight for me for sure.  God is on the move at HFK.  Thank you for your continued and generous support of our ministry.  We could not do this without you!

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