Baptism & Potluck Picnic


Join us immediately after the worship service on Sunday, June 23, from 12-4 p.m. We will have a special baptism and then an All-Church Potluck Picnic and Pool Party.

Reaching the Ninevites


We will be going through an exegetical journey through the books of Jonah and Nahum and learn God's sovereign plan to use his people to reach his unexpected people. 

Community Groups


Community Groups (small groups) are one of the primary ways that we envision people at CPC to connect to God and each other through Bible study, prayer, service and fellowship. We have a groups that meet every other Thursday and Friday nights.

Vision & Purpose:

  • Every member and regular attendee participate in a community group.

  • People will connect in a more intimate fashion with God and each other outside of Sunday morning.

  • Provide an avenue of outreach to bring people to saving knowledge of Jesus.

  • Provide a place of spiritual care, discipleship, and fellowship.

  • Group members are encouraged to invite others to join. Eventually, groups would spawn into others groups as they grow.

  • Groups would meet in people's homes at least twice a month.

Join a Community Group

  • Text "Groups" to 299-2100 if you are interested in joining and participating in a community group or email