Praying with Paul Bible Study


Join us for an 8-week Zoom Bible study on Thursday nights (April 15 & 22); Wednesdays (April 28 thru June 2) from 7 to 8:30 pm. We will journey with Paul and learn how he prays. Through this study, we will deepen our understanding of prayer and deepen our practice and life with God. Starting Thursday, April 15. All you need is your Bible and notepad to participate.

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LIVESTREAM: We live streaming our worship services on Facebook Live or our YouTube Channel at 10am every Sunday. Join us at or on our YouTube Channel We encourage you to comment and participate in worship. Join us LIVE and Host a Watch Party to put the live stream on your feed and invite your family, friends, and neighbors to join us.

Worship Bulletins are available on the ONLINE WORSHIP and STUDIES page.

After the service, the videos are available on all our digital platforms.

IN-PERSON WORSHIP: With social distancing protocols our worship services have limited capacity to around 40 to 50 people. Please Reserve your seat and space for IN-PERSON for every service via Eventbrite.

Please read the letter from the Elders (6-26-2020) for protocols. 

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TIPS for PARTICIPATING in ONLINE WORSHIP: As you participate in our livestream worship service, we encourage you to worship at home just as you would if we were all gathered together.

1. Remove Distractions: Turn off your smart phone and other devices that you are not using. Find a place and posture in your home that allows you to devout your full attention to our faithful and loving Triune God.

2. Audibly Participate in all corporate prayers, confessions and singing.

4. Use the comments section to pass the peace of Christ, pass on prayer requests, and any questions regarding the sermon.

5. Bible Open and Take notes: Be an active listener and engaged in the sermon

6. Invite others and Share Livestream on your Facebook Feed

Virtual Sunday School for Kids


Our normal Sunday School time for Kids is shifting to a Virtual format. Teachers will be sending work and craft packets home to kids to do by themselves or with a parent/guardian which can be done at your convenience. Teachers will be recording weekly youtube videos that can be found on Youtube channel that coordinates with each weekly lesson.

Contact Tamara Delgardo @ for more information, to receive packets.

Click Here to view YouTube Videos

Kid Classes:

  • Pre-School/K with Anette
  • Elementary (Grades 1-5) with Rebekah 
  • Middle School (Grades 6-8) with Liz
  • High School (Grades 9-12) with Tamara



The first Sunday of the Month at 11:15am, we will serve Communion after the livestream via IN-PERSON and on Zoom. The Zoom screen will be displayed on the screens in the sanctuary and the people in the sanctuary will be shown in the Zoom.

Join us for this ordinary means of grace as a community worshipping together.

<<Click Here for Guidance and Instructions to Participate in Virtual Communion>>

<<Click Here for the Communion Zoom Link>>

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New content will be added every day to engage and encourage you while we are socially distant from each other.