NEW Director of Next Generation Ministries


We are excited to announce that Anette Gonzalez will be our new Director of Next Generation Ministries starting July 1. We are thrilled to have Anette in this role to begin to develop our young adult, high school, and middle school ministries. This is a part-time role (10 hours) so she will need the help of some amazing volunteers as well.

Anette became part of CPC in 2016 when she moved from Puerto Rico after receiving a job offer in Springfield, MA. Since then, she has been serving at CPC. She graduated from Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelors's Degree in Special Education and also has a Master's Degree in Learning Disabilities. Anette enjoys spending time with her family and friends visiting new places, hiking, or simply having a good conversation with them. Anette also enjoys spending time listening to music and dreaming about having her own farm someday (only with one cow, a couple of sheep, goats, hens, and a dog, but not roosters… she is afraid of them). Despite missing her island and her family, Anette has a great love for Massachusetts because God has been doing incredible things with her since day one in this state. She is looking forward to what God continues having for her and all that she can do to continue working for his Kingdom.

Summer Community Nights


A weekly night to gather together as a church family during the summer. This is a gathering that is FOR us, BY us. So we need everyone's help and willingness to volunteer throughout the summer to host these evenings.

Every Friday @ Church (Under the Tent), 6pm to 8pm.

July 2 thru August 20.

We will...

  • Gather together for fellowship and lawn games
  • Cookout
  • Break Out for Age-Specific Discipleship Groups
  • S'mores over an open fire

An occasional Movie on the Lawn might happen as well.

Sign-Up on Sunday Mornings to volunteer for specific tasks for each week.

Conversations on Race & Reconciliation


Join Pastor Tracy for conversations about Race and Reconciliation. We will pre-read books, watch movies or articles and discuss them. Our book for the summer is "Reading While Black: African American Biblical Interpretation as Exercise in Hope" by Esay McCaulley.  Read the book over the summer and in August we will arrange a time to gather and discuss the whole book.




IN-PERSON WORSHIP: With the updated guidance from the CDC and removal of restrictions from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts we will be adjusting our protocols to the following as of May 29:

  • Social Distancing and Seating Reservations will no longer be required; however,

    • The fellowship overflow room will be available for social-distancing seating and mask wearing only for those more comfortable in that environment.

  • Masks will no longer be required; however,

    • We will encourage people to follow the advice on masks for non-vaccinated individuals (including children), and we will trust individuals to monitor themselves.

    • We will also encourage people who prefer to continue to wear masks to feel comfortable wearing them.

Please read the letter from the Elders (5-21-2021) for Updated Protocols

LIVESTREAM: The livestream will continue to be offered, but we encourage you to attend in-person as soon as possible. The livestream is a great ministry tool but it is not a substitute from gathering in-person in fellowship and worship togetherWe live streaming our worship services on Facebook Live or our YouTube Channel at 10am every Sunday. Join us at or on our YouTube Channel We encourage you to comment and participate in worship.

Worship Bulletins are available on the ONLINE WORSHIP and STUDIES page.

After the service, the videos are available on all our digital platforms.

TIPS for PARTICIPATING in ONLINE WORSHIP: As you participate in our livestream worship service, we encourage you to worship at home just as you would if we were all gathered together.

1. Remove Distractions: Turn off your smart phone and other devices that you are not using. Find a place and posture in your home that allows you to devout your full attention to our faithful and loving Triune God.

2. Audibly Participate in all corporate prayers, confessions and singing.

4. Use the comments section to pass the peace of Christ, pass on prayer requests, and any questions regarding the sermon.

5. Bible Open and Take notes: Be an active listener and engaged in the sermon

6. Invite others and Share Livestream on your Facebook Feed

Pastor Tracy is on Vacation

Pastor Tracy is on Vacation from June 28 to August 6. He wants to thank the generosity of the Elders and this congregation for provided such valuable time with his family and some opportunity to rest mentally.

If you have a pastoral issue, please contact Bob Tongue, the Elder on Call, at 413-262-1978.



The first Sunday of the Month at 11:15am, we will serve Communion after the livestream via IN-PERSON and on Zoom. The Zoom screen will be displayed on the screens in the sanctuary and the people in the sanctuary will be shown in the Zoom.

Join us for this ordinary means of grace as a community worshipping together.

<<Click Here for Guidance and Instructions to Participate in Virtual Communion>>

<<Click Here for the Communion Zoom Link>>

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