President & CEO: Nate Parks


First, I want to say thank you. Thank you for living out the Great Commission with us! COVID does not annul the Great Commission, and we have continued to actively provide ministry to thousands of individuals this past year. God has worked in the lives of people in 2021, and it is because of your partnership that we have seen God move in this time. 

A faithful partner and friend of the ministry was sitting in the session at Man Camp in November as I was giving the “State of the Union” family pitch. He was asking God for wisdom and guidance in how to respond. These are his words in response to a message from me: 

My pleasure Nate. You might have seen the odd number of the gift I left at Man Camp and wondered why that strange amount. Well, it's a fun story. I prayed as you were giving "the pitch" (as I appreciate and respect!) and felt the Spirit telling me I'd like new sails but don't need new sails. You see, we do the David Ramsey "envelope" method of saving for expected things in our future, and I want to replace two tired sails in our old gal, so started an envelope last winter and put away a little each month towards that. Well, at Man Camp there was $1755 in that envelope, and I am pretty sure I can get another season out of the old ones with a little mending. And the funnest part of that story is how I sobbed when I clearly heard the Spirit's voice. Gets me every time. 

God is actively working in people’s lives! It is truly amazing to see how God moves in people to guide them and help them take their Next Step. That weekend we had over 100 men stand up and declare that they were ready to take the Next Step in their journey. For my friend, the voice of God came in a very unusual, yet real and unmistakable way. 

When you work hard to pursue a sustainable ministry future it can become daunting during difficult times. In the end, this is God’s ministry, and we are nothing but stewards seeking to be faithful in these troubled times. When people, like you, contribute to this ministry, it is a real reminder that God is in control and has His plans in mind. Each gift encourages me to take the Next Step in my walk of faith and for that I say, thank you. 

Thank you for your contribution to the ministry. Together we are following through with our call to reach the Northeast.