How to Join

Why should you be a member of the church?

Westminister Confession of Faith, Chapter 26, States, "All believers are united to Jesus Christ, their head, by his Spirit and by faith, and have fellowship with him in his grace, suffering, death, resurrection, and glory. United to one another in love the saints have fellowship in each other’s gifts and grace and are obliged to perform those public and private duties which nourish their mutual good, both spiritually and physically."

"By their profession of faith saints are bound to maintain a holy fellowship and communion with each other in the worship of God and in the performance of other spiritual services for their mutual improvement. They are also bound to help each other in material things according to their different abilities and needs. This fellowship is to be offered, as God gives the opportunity, to everyone in every place who calls on the name of the Lord Jesus"

Reasons for Church Membership

  • It is the Body of Christ (Eph. 5:25).
  • It stands as a witness to the world.
  • It is the primary way in which God sanctifies His people. (Heb 10:25)
  • It is the primary vehicle by which God advances His Kingdom.
  • It demonstrates a commitment to a community of faithful people.

How to become a member at CPC?

Membership is open to anyone who meets the following requirements:

  1. affirms personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ;
  2. has been baptized according to the Scriptures;
  3. accepts the Vision Statement, Mission Statement; and Essentials of Faith
  4. accepts the responsibilities of membership as set out in the Membership Covenant.

The process is simple and has three main parts:

  1. participation in a membership class;
  2. completion of the membership application;
  3. interview and approval by the Session.

Membership Documents

Membership Application

Membership Covenant