Our Beliefs

CPC's The Essentials of Faith*

We Believe. . .

...there is only one God who is sovereign over all creation. God eternally coexists in three equal persons: Father, Son, Holy Spirit, as revealed in the Bible.

...Jesus Christ alone is Lord of all and the way of salvation. He is the living Word of God, the perfect image of the invisible God--fully God and fully human.

...the Bible is the only infallible and inerrant Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and is the first and final authority in faith and life.

...humanity is created in the image of God to know, love, obey and worship Him. Humanity freely chose to disobey this created purpose, separating us from God and bringing sin and death into the world. Every aspect of the human person is completely broken by sin and no human effort can fully resolve or redeem this defect.

...we were created for eternal life which is the free and gracious gift of God. This life is made possible by the once-and-for-all sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross and His resurrection from the dead. Jesus defeated the power of death and paid the penalty for our sins so that we might once again be in right relationship with God. The salvation that God offers is only given by grace and received by faith that Jesus is Lord and Savior for all.

...the Holy Spirit moves us to accept the atoning sacrifice of Jesus and compels us to be conformed into the image of God. The Holy Spirit continually works to renew our minds and increasingly transforms us toward a life of holiness, justice, loving-kindness, and walking humbly with God.

...the redeeming and reconciling work of Jesus in the world continues through the Church, the body of Christ. We are commanded by Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit, to proclaim the Gospel by loving God, loving our neighbor, and making all people disciples of Jesus.

...evil exists in the world and is personified in Satan, our accuser. He is at enmity with God and exists to deceive all people. God is sovereign overall and is greater than all the evil forces in the world.

...we are called to live a life of holiness and to be faithful stewards of God's creation. We accomplish this through the generous and obedient use of our spiritual gifts, time, talents, and resources all to the glory of God.

*These essentials are the basics of faith expressed by CPC they are in agreement with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church's Essentials of Faith

Evangelical Presbyterian Church's Beliefs

In addition, CPC upholds and adheres to the following Essentials of Faith and Confessions of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

Essentials of Faith

Westminister Confession of Faith

Westminister Larger Catechism

Westminster Short Catechism

Position Papers: A position paper identifies the positions of the EPC to the world. It requires the approval of two General Assemblies, including a minimum of one year circulation among the presbyteries.

Women in Leadership

CPC's Women in Leadership Biblical Rationale Paper