Residents Encounter Christ (REC)

Bob Tongue

In October of 2021, the REC program was officially restarted at the Chicopee Women’s Facility. The reboot has been slow and only three volunteers are allowed into the facility at a time. Praise God for reopening this life saving mission. 

There have been, on average, about 4 women per week attending. They are so very grateful to have the program restart after over a year of no programs in the facility. There are no plans yet for a REC weekend, but we continue to pray and plan for when that opportunity arises. 

We pray that the Lord will allow us to continue to enter the facility and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ inside the prison walls. Please pray with us for these women.

Unreached People Group of the Day

Jew, Latvian


Primary Language
Latvian, Standard

Primary Religion
Ethnic Religions

% Evangelical

Mission Fact of the Day
The largest Least-Reached group in Central Asia without Scripture, Jesus film, or audio recordings is the Aimaq of Afghanistan, with 1,632,000 people.
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