Springfield Rescue Mission

Board Member: Jody Hart

The Springfield Rescue Mission was greatly blessed by God this past year.  They were able to purchase a new refrigerated truck that allows them to collect refrigerated items from donation centers.  They have increased their Operation Sonshine to two days a week, where they bring food and prayer to those less fortunate throughout the city. They also began serving a hot lunch five days a week.  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, they prepared and passed out over 1,500 meals.  Due to the Covid restrictions they were unable to serve the meals at the mission, but they still showed God’s love by preparing meals-to-go.  

Additionally, they have begun to look at opening a facility dedicated to housing women.  It would be a similar program to what they currently offer to the men at their Mill St location.  This is being made possible due to increased giving the past couple of years, as well as a generous gift a donor who wishes to keep their name private.  It will take a couple of years before we see the doors open to this ministry, but the wheels are turning.


Unreached People Group of the Day

Jew, Latvian


Primary Language
Latvian, Standard

Primary Religion
Ethnic Religions

% Evangelical

Mission Fact of the Day
The largest Least-Reached group in Central Asia without Scripture, Jesus film, or audio recordings is the Aimaq of Afghanistan, with 1,632,000 people.
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