Younglife Springfield

Amanda Hill

Young Life Springfield is currently serving at two Springfield High Schools—Central and Sci-Tech. This year students returned to in person learning which gave leaders a chance to connect with students face to face but also faced new challenges because of COVID-variants and ever-changing school guidelines. To adapt to the changes, leaders have been devoting time every month together to equip themselves for contact work with students. Our Central team holds a smoothie meet up once a month behind Central to connect with returning teens and hopes to meet new faces.  Our Sci-Tech team focus has been on building relationships and trust with the students during class time and holding mini-clubs at the end of each class since after school programs have become difficult to hold due to COVID. One student commented during a smoothie meet up. “I feel robbed of not having Young Life in person and I could have really used it these past two years.  Our leaders have felt that need and are preparing to meet the students however they can.

Donations to Young Life Springfield help our leaders connect with kids and bring the love of Christ through relationship and contact work which is desperately needed in our city. Donations include pledges from the Ironman 100 Golf Marathon, The Golf Classic and the Shamrock Shuffle 5k. Each fundraiser provides camp scholarships for kids from both schools. Thank you to the session and the entire congregation for your financial support. Funding from CPC is a tremendous help towards covering the program cost and administrative support.


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Chitrakar (Hindu traditions)


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% Evangelical

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Nigeria has 285 people groups (8,208,000 individuals) whose primary language does not have Bible portions available.
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