Younglife Springfield

Amanda Hill

Thank you to the session and the entire congregation for your support to Young Life Springfield. Funding from CPC is an enormous help towards program cost and administrative support. In addition to the financial support CPC also provides storage for Young Life supplies and as of recently, a place to hold clubs and leader meetings following the COVID guidelines.

Young Life Springfield is in its 14th year of introducing Jesus to high students. The central team is led by Mabel Santiago and the Sci-Tech team is led by Gary Bernice, Deja Caple, and Anthony Diaz. Between the two schools, the ministry has over 200 kids. Young Life Springfield staff person is Amanda Hill, who this year was promoted to mission staff from the administrative role. Her new role will provide support to leaders and committee, continue to build relationships in the community, and continue all administrative duties.

This year the ministry has been impacted by COVID along with the rest of the world. The focus of Young Life Springfield is clubs and campaigners. Clubs were held after school and were still being held at Evangelical Covenant Church until we were placed on a stay-at-home order. Clubs were then transitioned to Zoom Clubs. Clubs are filled with skits, games, dinner, and a club talk that introduces kids to Jesus. With COVID guidelines, leaders would deliver prizes and meals to kids' front doors. Students who want to grow in their faith attend campaigners, a bible study led by leaders from each team.

Another highlight of Young Life Springfield is camp. Unfortunately, camp was canceled this past summer. To keep the spirit of camp alive to the best of their ability, leaders held outdoor socially distant events. One event was kickball and tacos.

Donations included pledges from the Ironman 100 Golf Marathon and the June Golf Classic at Cold Spring Country Club (which was canceled this past year). Each fundraiser provides camp scholarships for kids from both teams to attend camp at Young Life’s Saranac Village. Donations also provide a means for students and leaders to attend the “best weekend of their lives at Young Life’s Lake Champion.

We thank you for your ongoing support and prayers while we share the good news of Jesus to Springfield high school students.

Unreached People Group of the Day

Arab, Dhofari


Primary Language
Arabic, Dhofari Spoken

Primary Religion

% Evangelical

Mission Fact of the Day
The largest Least-Reached group in Northeast Asia without Scripture, Jesus film, or audio recordings is the Western Ghao-Xong of China, with 1,413,000 people.
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