What is Anticipate?




What is the Anticipate Campaign?

We are entering a new and exciting season in the life of our congregation. We ANTICIPATE that God will do great things in us personally and in our congregation as we enter this spiritual growth and building campaign. The theme verse is:

But as for me, I will look to the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me.” (Micah 7:7, ESV)

Waiting for God is not passive. Waiting for God is living in eager expectation. It is ANTICIPATING that God will fulfill all his promises. Waiting for God requires us to prepare for action—to be awake and ready. In this season we expect to individually and as a congregation to:

  • ANTICIPATE Growing: We will be changed inwardly and outwardly

  • ANTICIPATE Being Generous: The gospel is God’s unmerited generosity towards us.

  • ANTICIPATE Trusting: Trusting is learning to love God more and being eager to obey.

  • ANTICIPATE Prioritizing: All of us need to reexamine and reprioritize God in our life.

  • ANTICIPATE Sacrificing: Following Jesus means loving and serving others.

  • ANTICIPATE Committing: Following Jesus means there is no half-measures.

  • ANTICIPATE Participating: Iron sharpens iron, we need each other to grow with God.

Yet, our work is not done. I ANTICIPATE the day when our congregation more accurately reflects the diversity of God’s kingdom as we stay true to His Word together. The mission-critical project before us will help align our building with the vibrancy we have for the gospel and our vision as a congregation. We long and ANTICIPATE God revitalizing the people of greater Springfield with the love of Jesus; and, we eagerly ANTICIPATE how God will continue to work through us in new ways to spread His good news to our neighbors.

Jesus is the great unifier. I am thankful and humbled at the diversity that God has given us at Christ Presbyterian Church. Our vision is simple that we are a church that seeks to be diverse in a multitude of ways: ethnically, socially-economically, generationally, and politically. Our diversity celebrates our unity. We are a church that is unified in who Jesus is, what He has done, and the authority of His Word on all lives.

It is my great privilege to PARTICIPATE with you all in this exciting time in the life of CPC as we continue to see each other and new believers fall deeper in love with Jesus.

Reflect on the Past

In 1956, a group of people had a vision for establishing a Presbyterian congregation in Springfield, Massachusetts. These early laborers in the vineyard prepared the way for the establishment of Christ Presbyterian Church. Sixteen acres of land were purchased at our current location of 1597 Allen Street and the building was completed in 1959. Founding members recall the first pastor, Reverend Neal Herndon, going door to door in the neighborhoods, seeking members for this new church. We are the spiritual descendants of that faithful decision.

In 2001, the building was expanded to include a new education wing, dedicated to and named for the founding pastor, Neal Herndon. This expansion was made possible through volunteers from a vibrant ministry for incarcerated men and women from Western Mass Correctional Center.

For over 60 years, CPC has been a welcoming community of believers, growing both in membership and in ministries.

Celebrate the Present

Over the years, CPC has expanded its ministries, while holding fast to the vision: Unified in Jesus, being transformed by His Word, and empowered to love and serve. As members of one church body, we gather together to study God’s Word during Sunday morning spiritual formation hour and in mid-week small groups. Our mission includes equipping and supporting the people of the church to minister to others. We actively support ministries such as Young Life Springfield, Route One Ministry, Residents Encounter Christ, and the Springfield Rescue Mission.

The Issue

Visitors and members alike often remark how we at CPC are a very welcoming church. And yet, the building, with its overdue renovations and repairs, does not align with that welcoming feel. The parking lot has large potholes and is too small to accommodate worshippers on Sunday mornings. The restrooms are in disrepair, the kitchen is outdated, and instead of a gathering space such as a foyer or vestibule, worshippers walk immediately into the sanctuary. 

The needs of the building are great and it is an important time in the history of this church for us to care for those needs. We look forward in ANTICIPATION to this opportunity to carry out the vision of our founding members for our own spiritual descendants.

Anticipate the Future

God has done amazing things for His Kingdom through CPC’s faithful pastors and members over the past 60+ years and now He is presenting us with an incredible opportunity. We believe God has created a caring and welcoming congregation that has the vision to be an impactful church for Greater Springfield. God is calling us to ANTICIPATE what is possible through Him who provides all things. Throughout the next three years, we are looking to improve the parking conditions at CPC along with much-needed updates to the restrooms and possibly more. Won’t you consider what it might look like for you to partner with us and ANTICIPATE His future for Christ Presbyterian Church?

How to PARTicipate?

  • PRAY: Prayer starts it all. Nothing prepares our heart to respond to God like seeing His heart through prayer. Don’t rush it – the longer you pray “God, show me how to give,” the more ways He can show you.
  • ANTICIPATE: Anticipate the work that God will do in you, in this church, and in all of us. Embrace a spirit of thankfulness and generosity, and watch as it continues to help unify our congregation around our common vision.
  • RESPOND: Respond by making a commitment to pledge an amount that is pleasing to God. For most of us, it is easy to find what is pleasing to us. But to find what is pleasing to God, we must rely on prayer and the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
  • TRUST: Trust God, knowing that He is your provider and that He will supply every need of yours. Here are a few good questions to help you place your trust in God and discern a pledge amount that is pleasing to God:
    • Does this amount really require me to trust God? (2 Cor. 9:6-8)
    • Does this amount show I value my hope of eternal reward more than the material things on earth? (1 Tim. 6:19)
    • Does this amount represent a genuine sacrifice? (2 Sam. 24:24)
    • Does this amount express the level of thanksgiving I have for the ways Christ and His church have blessed my life? (Psalms 54:6)

It is my great privilege to PARTICIPATE with you all in this exciting time in the life of CPC as we continue to see each other and new believers fall deeper in love with Jesus.

--Pastor Tracy